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d technologi●es developed by Huaw●ei and its partners〓, visitors seem◆ more than ■eager to experience ◆the real-t○ime virtual re●ality of landing o■n the moon i■n a lunar mo〓dule, opening◆ the door, wa●lking on the moon◆ surface and picki○ng up sample● rocks.As one of th○e pioneers in t

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he 〓industry, Huaw●ei relocat●es the process of im○age renderin●g to cloud with i●ts CG cloud VR demo◆, allowing V○R experience to 〓be free of cabl○es used in many o●ther VR games.○"I never thought m◆y life can b●e changed just lik〓e that," Aquina ●told Xinhu■a, "5G and clo◆ud technol〓ogies offer s●o many new p■ossibilities〓."The moon landing ●VR experience is ju●st a taste of w〓hat future looks l●ike with G5 and c■loud technologi〓es. Unlike the■ time of 2G and 3G,■ the era of ○5G is incre〓asingly shap■ed with substantia■l contribution○s from the ●Chinese firms whic〓h are moving to l■ead the teleco◆mmunication ind●ustry.At the〓 MWC, Chin■ese companies, in●cluding Huawei, ZTE● and Alibaba,● presented the● latest technologi■es and solution◆s for 5G, All-Cl〓oud network, v

ideo◆ and Internet ●of Things (Io◆T). Huawei a○lone will launc〓h more than 20 cutt●ing-edge products du○ring the four-d●ay event, includi■ng an Intent-〓driven Networ●k and the A〓UTIN digital O&◆amp;M platf○orm, showcasing th◆e results ○with its over ◆300 partners in● a bid to embar●k on the roads to a ●fully-connected in○telligent world."●5G standards■ and techno■logies are matur■ing.

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As market d●emand conti■nues to gro●w, Huawei plans to l●aunch a full● range of e◆nd-to-end 5G pro●ducts, including■ customer pre〓mise equipment, 〓to help carriers■ get a head star●t on 5G," said Ken ■Hu, Huawei Rotati〓ng CEO."The u◆ltimate goal is to ◆build a full●y connected,◆ intelligent wor●ld," Hu said.A■t Huawei's ●6,300-square-◆km futuristi○c main booth und◆er a blue lighted ce◆iling, thro■ngs of vis●itors are kee■n to exper〓ience various ○innovative p◆roducts and so●lutions, including 〓its slim and sle●ek 5G base stati●on and a smar●t city model● with water sup■ply, sharing b●icycle, manho■le cover and st●reet parkin○g all fully ■intelligently conn〓ected."Life could● be so much differ●ent with the〓se technologi●es," said British● visitor K■erry Robin●son. "Like this■ smart man〓hole cov

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dents. ○But as part of IoT,◆ the changing◆ status of th■e manhole co●ver is close◆ly monitored in■ real time and c〓an issue a war○ning when remov〓ed unexpectedly.A■nother industry le〓ader, Alibaba Clou◆d, the larg○est cloud partner● in China, als〓o launched a●n array of c■loud and AI pro●ducts and s○olutions at th◆e MWC, ranging f●rom

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big data and art●ificial intellig〓ence to in●frastructure, sec◆urity and p〓rivate cloud sol〓utions. The key 〓products include Ima●ge Search solutions 〓that allow use●rs to search for ◆information○ online and of■fline using im○ages, and In●telligent Ser◆vices Robot, a c〓hatbot for b○usiness."Alibab○a Cloud want○s to be an enabl◆er fo

r technology i●nnovation in Eur〓ope helping 〓enterprise■s do business. The● Mobile World Con●gress in Barcel●ona is a grea〓t opp

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